Nine Important Home Maintenance Tasks for Winter

1. Furnace/Boiler Tune-up & Replace Filters

– Before you experience an issue with the furnace or boiler, contact a heating contractor to service the equipment. They will clean it out, test it for safety, and replace all filters as needed. 

Have the water heater inspected as well.

2. Clean the Gutters (unless it’s too cold)

Have your gutters and drains cleaned often, while checking for leaks twice a year. Overflowing and or leaking gutters can cause moisture damage to the home.

3. Shut Off Exterior Hose Bibs

Locate all your exterior hose bibs, turn them off, and drain all the water before it gets too cold. Exposed, pressurized water can freeze and cause leaks.

4. Test Your Smoke Detectors and Replace All Expired Ones

Check your smoke detectors every six months. If they are six years or older, they are 50 percent less effective, so replace then if you need to.

TIP: smoke detectors should be interconnected and hard-wired so they can be heard on all levels of the home. Hire an electrician can help with this.

5. Have the roof inspected 

Although it is much safer in the summer, a good winter roof inspection by a licensed roofing contractor or inspector should be considered, especially if it has not been done recently.

6. Have the Attic Inspected and Add Weather Stripping to the Hatch 

Winter is the ideal time to check the attic, especially when it is raining. You can look for leaks, evidence of pests, insulation levels and ventilation. To reduce your heating costs, have a proper weatherstrip applied on the attic hatch.

7. Add Weather Stripping to Caulk Windows & Doors

You’ll be able to check for drafts much easier in the winter. Purchase the right type of caulking and weather stripping for your needs and replace any areas that require it to prevent moisture or heat loss, reducing energy costs.

8. Remove Stored Items & Vegetation From Exterior of Your Home

All plants, storage items, or snow that are against the home should be removed to prevent moisture issues. This is an easy way to maintain the exterior while preventing damage.

9. Clean All Vents

Ensure proper ventilation and prevent fires by inspecting and cleaning your dryer and any other vents from your home.